Ghana Chapter

Initiated in October 2024, Echo Change Ghana Chapter is a youth-led initiative by Sandra Adjeiwaa- the current lead for the chapter.

The Echo Change Ghana Chapter is part of the Echo Change global network, engaging Ghanaian youth in activities and initiatives that promotes positive social change through the 17 UN SDGS.

Fueled by a profound passion for societal improvement, Sandra aims to mobilize the youth, fostering a collective effort towards promoting peace and sustainability in Ghana

UN’s SDG Workshop

The Echo Change Ghana Chapter visited Elite College, Ghana on 16th February to educate the students on the topic “Exploring the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals”. The students were taught the 17SDGs, the role of youth in achieving the SDGs, problem Identification and solving in communities.

Membership Training Workshop

The membership training was a session held on February 10, 2024, for all members of the Echo Change Ghana Chapter on google meet. The main objective was to inform the members on our 2024 Goals, train them on leadership and teamwork.

King Jesus Charity Home

Echo Change’s Ghana Chapter made a meaningful impact at a local orphanage. Our team shared insights on mindset and self-discovery with the children, distributing essential items to support their livelihood. This holistic approach not only nurtures the children’s emotional and intellectual development but also addresses their immediate needs, fostering a supportive environment within the orphanage.

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